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Your next date is right here at your fingertips. Just a few taps away.

Create your Zate

Create Your Zate

Pick that exciting new activity, provide details, and set the location. Post it, sit tight, and find out who’s interested.

Discover Zates

Discover What's Happening

Swiping is a thing of the past. Scroll through the Discover screen to browse through unique Zates posted by people in your area.

Host Messages First

You Message First

When you create a Zate you message first, regardless of gender. Simple as that. Filter through all your Zate prospects and get to messaging.

Discover Zates

Explore Curated Zates

From patio bars, live music venues, to local art galleries, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our Curated Zates updated weekly for you to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Zate?

    In simple terms, a Zate is an activity or experience created ahead of time by someone looking to find a like-minded individual interested in that specific Zate. Shop through the Discover feed to find Zates that you might be interested in!

  • How long does a Zate stay on the Discover feed?

    Once a Zate is posted, it is permanent on the Discover feed unless that Zate is retired or a new Zate is created.

  • Why am I not allowed to message first?

    The host of the Zate you are interested in messages first. Sit tight and make sure your profile is fully completed to give that user a better idea of what you are like as a person for a better chance of them messaging you. If you are impatient, maybe try “Creating a Zate” of your own and get straight to the point!

  • What does the 48-hour clock represent?

    A user has 48 hours to reply to their potential matches. If they have not messaged within the 48 hour window, their Zate will be removed from the Discover feed of the potential matches they have not messaged.

  • I had previously seen people in Matches but they are no longer there. Where did they go?

    Once the 48 hours window for you to message is up, any potential match that was interested in your Zate will no longer show up in your Matches. Act fast and if you see someone you are interested in, message them!

  • Is there a limited number of Zates I can be interested in?

    Fire away! There is no limit to the amount of Zates you can be interested in, but we strongly suggest finding the Zates that match the similar interests that you have.

  • Can I only use pre-made Zates?

    The pre-made Zates are simply there to help out your experience. We update this page frequently to give you a better idea of what may be going on in your area. If you have a local spot you love or an activity you have been dying to try, use the “Create a Zate'' button at the top and fill in all the proper information.

  • If I retire a Zate that is active in the Discover feed will I still have the matches that were interested in my Zate?

    The best way to avoid “the one that got away” is to message someone that is interested in your Zate. As the host of a Zate, once you message a user they will permanently be attached to your messages unless you block or remove them.

  • What is the point of confirming a Zate?

    Confirming a Zate lets a user know they were the special someone that was chosen to be taken on a Zate. Every Zate created will only have one “Confirm Zate” so if a user wants to confirm with you, they must really like you. If you choose to confirm their Zate request, location details will be revealed and y’all will be able to finalize all of the logistics of your Zate.

  • Can I confirm a Zate with more than one person?

    Each Zate created can be confirmed with only one other user.

  • If I confirm a Zate with one person, will I still be able to message the people that were previously interested in my Zate?

    You will always have the ability to message any users you had previously messaged before confirming a Zate. If you confirm a Zate this removes any users you haven't messaged, as well as removing your Zate from the feed.

Explore and discover your next Zate. Download the app and start matching today!

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